Gastronomical delights of tapas, pinchos and pintxos

San Sebastián’s old town is a perfect spot for a bit of promenading and wandering aimlessly through its labyrinth and myriad of bars and cafes. This is where we discovered the difference between fabulous tapas, oops mistake I mean pinchos, oops wrong again, it’s the Basque Region and the spelling is different from Spanish, but sounds similar and has the same meaning.

They just love their autonomous region of Basque so passionately, where the ‘x’ comes from and how it makes a ‘ch’ sound is really chic or xic. Nevertheless, I digress, finally returning to the fabulous pintxos that are simply scrumptious, regardless of how you pronounce or spell.

Tapas are the delightful snacks you may get for free – if lucky – but are usually petite and just a taster, whilst pintxos are a somewhat more decorated form and are like a mini-meal and are readily available in hundreds of forms, with a fine selection along the length of the bar counters throughout San Sebastian and in many bars we checked out in Pamplona, Pintxos reign supreme in the Basque Region.

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