What people said behind our backs after we left them

This is one of my longer blog posts, mainly because it’s a summary one with specific feedback from our various host organisations that we volunteered with as Social Entrepreneurs during our travels.

We met many amazing people and found ourselves in many unfamiliar situations, with significant cultural and language barriers.

We volunteered our time as business and life coaches, mentors and teachers helping a wide variety of human rights organisations, schools, orphanages, slum dwellers and rural village communities through East Africa, India, South East Asia and South America and mainly with English Language schools, academies and centres through South America and Europe.

We shared rooms with complete strangers, lived in people’s homes, shared a single bed together for weeks and more, and, whilst one of my lifelong dreams had been to see the wonderful sights around the history that reflected the rich history and diversity of mankind or the stunning beauty in the world, by far, our richest experience has been with the many wonderful people we have engaged with and made friends or just helped out with, making their business ideas more sustainable.

We have been able to connect organisations to experts around the world willing to give their time to actively support these impoverished communities and many of these organisations and individuals we are still in contact with to this day.

Below are snippets of feedback that some of our hosts posted online.

Braille in Zambia with Socka


Teaching at Engliganget in Tanzania

Nakupenda Tanzania, Arusha, Tanzania

Thank you so much Paul and Claudia for volunteering with us in our project.We really appreciate for helping our Kids, teachers, organization and our community in general. It was an unforgettable experience thank you so much for sharing with us your experience, skills and time. A lot of greetings from the host family and teachers from the schools.

12/09/2015 – Sam Mollel, Tanzania

Teaching in Nairobi slums

Safisha, Nairobi, Kenya

Paul and Claudia as a couple were very helpful to our project.They are very sharp in noticing things and studying situations.Before you tell them anything they have already discovered it.They were a great blessing at the school, the orphanage and the book store where they bought children materials.
 I have learned great things from Paul and Claudia which will always be helpful in my life and the skills I o􏰂er to the children.They are an inspiration and very supportive.

At the school they dedicated every time they had to the children who learned a lot in class from Teacher Paul and Teacher Claudia.Skills that I will always miss.
I wish them the best wherever they travel.

27/09/2015 – alice ketsia muhonja, Kenya


Coaching at Youth Centres in Uganda

Non-Violence Project, Jinja, Uganda

Paul and Claudia were a big Blessing, we learnt a lot from them through the various workshops we conducted. am so glad that this platform provided such a beautiful opportunity for me and my Uganda friends to meet and work with Paul and Claudia, All the best

22/10/2015 – eddy balina, Uganda



Teaching teachers in India

Natura Ashram, Pondicherry, India

Paul & Claudia were very friendly and understanding people, their insight towards my projects and me as a person was really helpful for me to understand where I am, their contribution towards the project will be always appreciable…
Paul is a very dedicated person with a handful of expertise and details, while he was in the project very committed and always honest at his feedbacks which helped me a lot in 􏰀xing issues where ever we e􏰀nd them, I wish for them to have a wonderful journey ahead…

11/11/2015 – Natesa Iyer, India


Teaching in city slums in India



Coaching & Teaching in Vietnam

MAI Centre, Da Nang, Vietnam

Thank you so much! Your family is wonderful. My students always want to welcome you. Your work is great. Enjoy your trip! We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

30/01/2016 – Mai Tr n, Vietnam


Life skills class in Thailand


The Fools, Lomba Grande, Brazil

Paul and Claudia we incredible. Beatiful human beings, these guys were simply the best. Extremely helpful and interested, they understood so well here and what it’s all about. You both will always have a place here, for as long as you live on this planet. Take care, and we hope to see you soon. Leo

01/08/2016 – Milena Escarrone, Brazil



DOX English Conversation Class, Cabo Frio, Brazil

Paul and Claudia have changed our lives and I’m sure they will change yours. During one month with these two, we passed through a mental shift. Hosts, brace yourselves.
They’ve helped us organize our business by creating a system to track our students, having coaching sessions with me making me dive deep into myself and 􏰀find the answers, they also helped me on a book that I wrote by revising it. They gave us amazing feedbacks that only highly competent people can do, besides teaching English in our English Course in Cabo Frio.

But our experience with them goes beyond the technical stuff, they’re the best people you will ever come across. Paul and Claudia are like older siblings to me, they’re super fun and kind.We had great moments together both inside and outside the school.
Thank you guys so much for all you’ve done for us, we’re forever grateful.

16/09/2016 – Ivo Gabriel Lima Rodrigues, Brazil


Espaanglisch English Centre, Trujillo, Peru

Paul & Claudia were, in one word, extraordinary. Given the many years of experience in their professions & life and after seeing what the organization needed the most, they came up with a workshop for every Peruvian volunteer in the nonprofit to improve their performance. Also, they were fantastic teachers at the conversation program we have in the volunteer house.

We are really thankful they volunteered with and we hope our path cross again soon. Muchas gracias

19/10/2016 – Gerardo Huerta, Peru


Marisa & Preston our roommates for a month

Light Up English Club, Cali, Colombia

Paul and Claudia were excellent teachers, full of energy and wisdom, new interesting topics and a lot of advice due to their experience. We really loved having them here, they committed so much and were hard working the whole time they were here. We loved that they gave us new ideas and advised us even without us asking, we learned so much and they were so helpful. They are also full of life, positive energy, always up for a challenge and so understanding. Paul and Claudia, Cali, we are your second home, hope to see you again very soon! Welcome anytime! Miss you

31/10/2016 – Natalia Gironza, Colombia


Cents Les 13 Vents Academy, Tulle, France

from the day Claudia and Paul arrived they involved themselves so much in the school life as well as in the training programs!

it was great to have them here, for the students as well as for the staff!

merci et a bientôt! Michel

 04/04/2017 – établissement CFA les 13 Vents, France


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