Oh it’s ladies night and its vegan’s night

Chef Sharki3 in at the deep end

Anyone who knows me well, will no doubt testify to my cooking skills being at a level rarely attained by others. In other words, I am on a scale of 0 to 5 and it’s less than 1 but higher than -1. This will then surprise you that we were invited to help out and get involved in two professional cooking nights for the local community at CFA 13 Vents, both led by professional chefs.

Allocated to our respective cohorts from the community, we engaged in learning some new skills and techniques from Chef Doris. I must point out that the ladies I was teamed with were put to shame by myself with, how to cut an onion in less than the 10 minutes, they could have grown an onion the speed they cut at and were quite dangerous to themselves, while I was definitely in single digits and more effective.

My aubergines ready for a searing

the hand of Chef Doris guiding my attempt

However, they misread this expertise for me knowing what I was doing and I was assigned an important task well beyond my capabilities; cook the aubergine and stuffing on the stove, this was the main dish for the evening. Pressure!

stuffed and ready for the oven after passing the test

I think I will let the photos do the talking from my side, whilst Sharki3 buzzed around the kitchen lending an expert hand to all of us and learning some new tips to her already expanding knowledge of French baking and cooking.

I was just relieved that everyone was alive the following morning.

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