About Sharki3

So named by my friends many moons ago on a trip to England. You know who you are… I also go by the name Claudia. The technical brain, behind this blog is my other half, Fin.
I’ve been quietly sitting on the sidelines watching Fin set up this website and waiting my turn to get at it.
I’m tech averse, meaning I have more important things to do than learning the technicalities behind this website. Those lists did not get themselves done!
Sharkie and Fin has many facets but the important one at the moment is that we are en route to circumnavigate the world. This plan has been in the making for a long time. We’ve always wanted to take some time out to travel and immerse ourselves in the cultures of this world. Holidays was just not gonna cut it for the value we were trying to tap into. When we first started planning we thought a year would do it, but it quickly changed to two years.
And in the next two years we’ll definitely touch down on all the continents and hopefully get to share many wonderful moments with other inhabitants of this world.

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