Hello! Ola! Halo! Bonjour! Namaste! Kon-nichiwa! Hola! Sawubona! Ni hao!

Thanks for making a turn by our blog….

intothestrange….? I guess you maybe wondering why this name……

Everything we are embarking on during this exploration will be new and fresh and challenging and an opportunity to learn and share…Like Alice through the looking glass (Alice in Wonderland) we are literally “going into the strange” environments and situations….exciting!

The site is meant to be pretty simple, (bit like myself) full of weird and interesting stories, photos, events, foods, experiences and people from our travels….well maybe we have to edit some for an X-rated site, but that’s another story.

The about us page is a background about both of us, what our philosophy is and why on earth we would pack up and go backpacking around the globe….also it describes our home town; Cape Town one of the most beautiful places on the planet…or so we think before we travel.

The planning page talks to all the stuff we are doing or we did (depending on when you are reading this) in preparation for our adventure. It should provide helpful hints, tips, ideas and short cuts for others and also encourage visitors to our site to share their ideas and experiences of planning such a trip.

The destinations page has drop downs by continent and country and will get populated with the events, photos, videos from these areas as we navigate our way around the world.

The working page describes how we have maybe made some money on our travels or volunteered to assist locals.

The categories menu in the middle of the page organises blogs and are pretty self-explanatory in helping visitors find information or stories that may be of interest. The webs & apps describes useful online tools we have used, some good and some not so good….after all there are millions out there! The places category is a general area that has a mix of topics in relation to mountains, rivers, villages, towns, cities, countries….etc. The health & fitness category has blogs about our physical and spiritual well-being, maybe some exercise routines….we are keen on eating and living a healthy lifestyle, so we are sure our bodies will be put through some big new challenges aswell as our minds.

Crazy stories, well enough said….maybe we won’t go looking for these they will just occur and maybe quite normal for the places we visit, but strange and quirky for ourselves, either way the blogs should provide some interesting anecdotes.

Traveling as a couple will bring some challenges to our relationship, let alone how we deal with stressful or frustrating situations we will find ourselves in, hence the letting off steam ranting and raving category, maybe you will call it crazy stories, either way, we will share these you and maybe hear some similar stories from you. We do have a safe word for when we get frustrated with each other….but that is a secret!

The travel gear category has useful tips, lists and packing details about what we have packed and what gear is useful for us….it definitely won’t be an all-inclusive list that is ideal for you, but it is a tool you can reference and or give you some tips about what to pack.

If we don’t make any new friends on this trip, I guess we will have failed in one of our goals…..so if you are a friend from our travels, maybe you send us through some details so we can include you here, otherwise you are leaving yourselves wide open to our expertise in describing you….and selecting the photo to upload…!

The tags at the bottom of the page allow you to quickly find interesting topics in the blogs and of course you can sign up and follow us around the world….leave a comment we would love to hear from you, give us some feedback on the site, good stuff and not so good stuff…your ideas, stories, tips and hints are more than welcome.

Hoping you enjoy our website and please join us from wherever you are, online or in person….




  1. Way to go guys!..your site looks very intriguing and we cant wait to follow your progress around the globe 🙂 …and add bits of course. Missing you already lol ewwwwww xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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