I wonder what we were not doing this time next year

TJ’s place in Bury St Edmunds

Well as it so happens on 25th June 2016, on Sharki3’s birthday, we were in a restaurant somewhere in San Telmo, Buenos Aires and I distinctly recall the rain falling as we headed home after our late night partying, that was 22:30.

TJ & Mat

That was then and this is now, 25th June, 2017 and we were in Bury St Edmunds, Cambridgeshire, England with Tylo and her boyfriend Mat, in a cool Thai restaurant called, the Giggling Squid and guess what, this time we were back in bed by 20:00 totally worn out with all the excitement.

long day on their feet

So, I estimate that on 25th June 2018 we shall be in Cape Town in a takeaway diner and home in bed by 17:00.

one of these phone boxes must work

This was one of the hardest parts of our journey, as we bid farewell to our giant offspring, who, has spread her own wings and is exploring the world on her own terms, making mum and dad very proud.

mother and daughter loving it

Connected across the water and land, for infinity and beyond!

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  1. So where were you??? Went to Hollow Tree for Cloe’s birthday and you never pithched???

    Happy Happy Cloe.



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