Flying high and into the strange

Our 7:30 am flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg we have caught over a hundred times. This 2-hour journey is a breeze and just like catching local bus ride.

Next up was a short 2-hour wait at OR Tambo before our 11-hour flight across the Atlantic Ocean to Sao Paolo, Brazil. Followed by a 6-hour wait in the airport and preparing ourselves for the 10-hour flight to Mexico City and a 6-hour wait there.

The final leg, 1,5 days since we set-off was a mere 1,5 hours to Monterrey where Adrian our host greeted us and took us to San Pedro, our new home for our stay in Mexico.

Some 10,489 miles or 16,990km of flying took its toll and with swollen ankles, aching backs and jet lag, all we needed now was the 38 degrees centigrade to help usher us off to a well-needed shower and bed. Phew!

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