Center for Girls

We have been volunteering as English teachers and Business Coaches for this organisation in Thailand.

Nunnaree and Ploysai facilitate empowerment projects and systems improvements in their community.

Please check out their website and where you can get involved as a volunteer, coach, donator or fundraiser please contact them, they are wonderful ladies @ Centre for Girls

Based in Northern Thailand, The Center for Girls (CFG) is registered public benefit organisation dedicated to ensuring that women and children in the region are safe from all forms of abuse and exploitation. We aim to achieve our goals by creating society wide safety nets for children at risk by empowering them and ensuring their right to participation, and by delivering strategies that advance women’s and girls’ rights.

Natnaree Luangmoi, founded The Center for Girls in 1997 in Phan, in a small district of Chiang Rai where the levels of children’s rights violations were extremely high. Since then, she has been at the forefront of the fight against sexual abuse in her community and in 2012 the Center expanded its work into the Chiang Khong district, an area well known for being an origin, transit and destination point for illegal human trafficking.

The Center for Girls is funded through partnerships with international foundations, along with individual donors.

Company Registration No. 1255

Stop Human Trafficking Certificate: 1/2556

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