Yoga lessons with your eyes wide shut

Our fabulous friend, Zoe had just made it back home to Wennigsen a few days before we arrived, after her 1,5 years of travel and where we had last seen her in Auroville, India back in October 2015. With her huge blonde dreadlocks flowing we spotted her a long way off at the bus terminal in Hannover.

Our mini reunion gave us the opportunity to meet her cool parents, Angel and Zorro and with tickets to a cool gig we danced the night away at the Bukahara concert only running out of steam in the early hours.

The athletic and dance academy genius Zoe gave us yoga lessons to loosen up and stretch these aching limbs, that was me not moving much for a few days thereafter, but now I can reach the floor and with a straight back and hands flat on the floor. Not a pretty sight but I will get better.

Yoga lesson in the park for Zoe’s first non-paying clients, followed the next day with a visit to the African Food and Drink Festival in Hannover.

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  1. Hello you amazing couple ! 🙂
    Hope your fine. Was so nice with you.
    Send you 2 kisses and 2 hugs ! 🙂


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