Our Story


We are a couple from Cape Town, South Africa where we live and we have been together since 1859, we think….age and years are just measures of progress but not of growth.

As we step out of the door in the morning we have the opportunity to create a better day for those we engage with.

Our youngest, oldest and middle child is but one…a young lady of 25 years (or so she believes), a kind, warm, intelligent and beautiful yet quirky funniness about her….Tylo


We have worked and studied hard for more than 25 years each since school days and, while we are fit and healthy, can sleep in a bus upside down, can eat most things, have a daughter who is wise and sensible beyond her years, have a successful business left in the capable hands of a great lady, it seems like it is a good time for our first of many retirements.

We have embarked on this journey not for ‘finding ourselves’ but rather to discover and explore the world in which we live and to learn through engagements with others along the way.

We want to share our knowledge and skills and learn about other cultures, foods and their history, making us better people. We do want to see wonderful sights along the way, but we are completely fine if we miss some tourist ‘tick box’ places. It’s all about the experiences for us both and meeting other people.

It’s definitely all about the experiences for us both and meeting other people.

We are fairly energetic and very passionate about life kinda couple, constantly debating and philosophising together about things. Asking questions of each other that often cannot be answered so easily.

Hoping and expecting to continue learning and growing for the rest of our lives, regardless of travel.


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