A pitstop in Cape Town

Our excitement to return home after two years on the road was evident, as we clenched our hands together when our plane touched-down at Cape Town International Airport, on a wet n wild Friday afternoon, a full two years since we were last here at home. The feelings and emotions are difficult to explain, but it was great to be back after such an incredible adventure.

catching up with Tony for a 6 Sigma lunch

But, little did we know that our arrival home was not going to be for very long, as we had been offered a wonderful opportunity coaching and teaching in Mexico.

brunch with the girls

Carmen whining again

tea-total Bev

Quite out of the blue and unplanned, yet aligned to our life goals, our plan changed and we accepted the offer to go to Monterrey, Mexico.

Catching up with family and friends in our hometown was brief and our young nieces and nephews were quite blunt in telling us that we should not be going.

Sharki3 had stood in a 6-hour queue at Home Affairs to get a new passport after her last one was filled with visas and stamps from around the world. Surprisingly, the turnaround was not the 6 weeks we thought, it was ready in quick-fast time. All systems go!

Herlecia our wonderful friend and business partner

The next phase will no doubt bring some unusual challenges and we will probably find ourselves in some interesting situations as we grapple with our Spanish in a land far away and another exciting and vibrant culture to immerse ourselves within.

Adios Amigos!


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  1. Wishing you a wonderful time in Mexico… lotsa tequila!!😁


  2. Full time traveling is really hard for those who never tried any dare in normal life but peoples like you are real-life heroes. who never step back from any problem and fight with this. and your adventure always gives you great memories…I like to read it and would like to read more n more about your van life… Keep it up…. love all of you…


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