Nakupenda Tanzania


One of our goals on intothestrange is to formally engage with one or more NGO or NPO’s by providing our many years of business experience to such organisations in need, so that they can become sustainable.

During our volunteering exploits in Tanzania we discovered a hidden gem, much like a Tanzanite stone, in Nakupenda Tanzania (“I love Tanzania”). Sam Justo is the founder and brains behind this organisation and is one of those people you can’t help liking. He is one of life’s genuine good guys. He gives all his day to his community schools and volunteers (his day includes weekends as well). He asks for nothing in return except for improved education levels of Tanzanian children. Still in his 20’s he is a real inspiration to ourselves.

So we committed to helping Sam build as successful organisation that could meet his dreams and those of his community.

Please check out the following url and if you would like to get involved in anyway please let Nakupenda know or ourselves directly and we will delighted connect you.

Nakupenda Tanzania



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  1. Hi Guys, Good to hear from you.Still trying to get auto blogs. Jim Fin.


  2. Hey! I’ve been looking into this NGO for a volunteering expedition this summer. I was wondering maybe you could give me some info and share a bit about your experiences!
    Thanks so much.
    Alexis Sotiropoulos


    • Hi Alexis, I can recommend staying here in Arusha, in Ilboru Village, we made amazing friends and supported 5 schools and Nakupenda as well. The home we stayed at was great and the family were awesome. There are plenty of things todo in your spare time in and around the village with hikes and exploring village life. Further afield there is a grew massai market.
      We will definitely be returning here in the further and remain friends with the family and schools we met.
      Hope you go there and help them.


  3. Hello Finny

    I discovered Nakupenda Tanzania online, and would like to go and volunteer there! I just wanted to know if you could tell me about the experience. For how long were you there? And about the homestay, what was it like? Did you offer them any economic compensation?


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