Home of the world’s greatest baseball team, Fenway Park


Here goes an introduction to The Boston Redsox for those of you not covered in the glory of the game of the nation….but surely, Babe Ruth, Joe DeMaggio are the names we all know best and who have also played at this mecca of American baseball called Fenway Park, home of the Boston Redsox.


ice hockey during off season


Ben and me

If you are into your sport and appreciate a bit of American nostalgia, with an inkling of what baseball is truly all about, then a visit to Fenway Park is a must do on a visit when in the States.


three amigo’s


The big green walls outside the stadium and the famed Green Monster inside, complete with the original wooden seating gives you that tinge of excitement, imagining what it must feel like on game day, or is it called match day?


Big Joe


the babe

It definitely has the feel of visiting Anfield Stadium, home of the great Liverpool Football Club in England, which has the same owner, John Henry, and who obviously values history, local culture and creating new memories with young exciting teams.


Seeing the distances that are hit by batters in this stadium, with balls whizzing in their direction, trying to strike them out, or perhaps even making them walk, I can’t help but marvel at the longest home run, which is marked with a red seat where the guy sat who was actually hit with that ball many years ago. You may be impressed at my baseball terminology, but if you want a quick lesson you could just try playing rounders, an English schoolgirls game, with less spitting and a less fanciful kit and less machoism, but with similar rules. Just sayin’


Hey sorry y’all…..but whay to go at this great stadium!


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