Nearly fifty and watching my balls drop


New Years Eve heading into New York City translated into a two hour train ride and walk, which is a ‘walk in the park’ for us worldly travellers, but we had to arrive in Times Square at 08:00am!! Yes that is the morning of the 31st December to secure a worthwhile view of the ball dropping for all of 10 seconds. I don’t think so, we not gonna wait 16 hours for this event!! Daring not to lose our spot when using some porta-loo plastic cubicle to relieve ourselves, not that desperate.


Instead, we made the ten minute trek into Cornwall Village with Marcus and the kids and watch a different ball drop, at the same time, in the same country, just a different ball drop.


Casting our minds back twelve months, we were in Hong Kong last New Years Eve, watching the fireworks blast across the harbour and into orbit into Asia and now in the heart of America, we have the privilege and the excitement of this American celebration of New Years Eve.





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