Seventy-three days undercover in the USA


From Couchsurfing with Republicans and Trump fans to barbequeuing with Democrats to listening carefully to non-Clinton fans, embracing all that is great about America and observing carefully the crazy stuff, meeting amazingly kind and hospitable people, laughing, arguing, debating and the like….being awestruck by its beauty and its size, looking in sadness at the homelessness and the extreme wealth only minutes away. Struggling with transportation systems like in (alleged) third world countries but it’s in our home language this time and buying meals that would feed a whole family…..The United States of America is a truly diverse and somewhat disconnected nation, which revels in its history and leads the world in many ways, but lags in its sense of responsibility to human-kind as a peaceful nation of law abiding citizens. What a fabulous country of varied cultures the USA truly is, a land of confusion and chaos and fear but that portrays a level of confidence……maybe it’s just great PR and Marketing or maybe it is a fair reflection of how colonizing a country but not a people (native Americans) and rapid growth and capitalism can be an Achilles Heel.

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  1. Wow, you really nailed us here, Paul. I see a Facebook share button so I’m going to assume it’s okay to share your blog post there.


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