It’s up to you New York, New York



The day started with yet another bit of fun on the multiple transport systems of New York. Here goes; car to get to the train station at Peekskill and missing our train by 30 seconds, should have driven faster across one of the bridges across the Hudson River I guess. The next train arriving some 20 minutes later yet arriving at the glorious Grand Central Station before the train we missed 20 minutes earlier, must be time travellers again.



Anyhow, the NY Metro system is pretty straight forward and one ticket covers all travellers, we finally made it Downtown and mixing in with crowds waiting for a tour across to Ellis Island and the Lady Liberty, we just could not stand in the icy winds for 1,5 hours for a 1 hour boat trip, we could see the statue across the water perfectly clearly, well if you have 20 20 vision that is.



However our walk across yet another famed bridge, the awesome Brooklyn Bridge was not quite the experience we imagined as we were forced to battle through the congested crowds of people to find some space to breathe on the bridge with fabulous views into the city. The wooden floorboards with traffic zooming below us created a wonderful atmosphere and an appreciation of the construction that occurred to build this once ‘largest bridges in the world’ title.



Ground Zero, where once stood the ‘twin towers’ is now just a couple gigantic memorial fountains and a visitor centre, where the people who were sacrificed, stirred a nation into war and is such a peaceful setting in this city that just pumps action and noise all day and all night long.



Making it back to our car some one hour away, we were greeted with the seasonal snowfall like a blizzard from some Nordic City of Yore.


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