Snippity snap, a primary school story spanning more than thirty-five years


brothers in arms

I last saw Marcus back in the original disco era of 1978 when Earth, Wind and Fire were at their peak, when John Travolta was not a serious actor and when Argentina won their first World Cup.


bbq time, gas style

A year older than me, he left my primary school and headed to a different high school and we sort of ‘found’ each other on social media some years back.


BlackDawg celebrating New Year

We share a common love for football (that’s soccer for some people across the pond) and in particular, the same great team, Liverpool FC.


Max, Madi and Marcus

So it was quite a surreal reunion in upstate New York, in Cornwall which lies on the banks of the Hudson River, where Marcus lives with his two kids, Madi and Max. Madi a cool switched on teenager and Max a mathematical genius who can complete a Rubik’s Cube in under 15 seconds.


dueling in the kitchen

Our time with Marcus, listening to his talented piano playing and laughing uncontrollably while we played card games until the early hours, was another example of how you can travel many miles, over many years, and if you take some risks, here and there, you get to meet fabulous people. After all, he could have been hosting 3 crazies…..well now Marcus knows the truth, we are only as crazy as his gang 🙂


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