Just a winter’s tale to keep us warm during the festive season


We made the arduous 20 hour multiple bus ride from Union Station, Washington DC through Connecticut and Boston, Massachusetts to Nashua, New Hampshire so that we could stay with our friends Ben & Krysta who we had volunteered with in Brazil earlier in the year. Ben’s parents being kind enough to let us stay with them in the peace and tranquility of the New Hampshire countryside of Merrimack over Christmastime.


Ben & Krysta

Ben had fallen ill while on their own global travels and returned home early, so it made sense for us to visit them being so close, well 20 hours close enough.


snow biker

The New England area being the oldest part of ‘modern America’, is full of forests, wildlife and space, lots of space and New Hampshire with 2 million people being one of the smallest USA states was a refreshing experience away from the big cities, surrounded by….space. It is so peaceful and tranquil in this part of the states, very similar to landscapes in the UK.


Our first Christmas in the USA we were treated to a real Christmas dinner, games with neighbours, even a baseball home run derby with Ben trying to rediscover some form after his embarrassing defeat in Brazil some months earlier.


skating on thin ice


Merrimack skyline across the lake


Bruce & Jane, our super hosts, (Ben’s mum and dad)

We calculated that we have not had Christmas at our home in Cape Town for six years, either we have been visiting family or travelling, maybe 2017 is our year.


Spending time with Ben’s family we found out more about Christmas traditions American style and put our talents and skills to the test with the gingerbread houses we built and decorated. Stress levels, design concepts, construction techniques and execution varied greatly for this bit of fun.


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  1. Wow, the gingerbread houses look amazing!


  2. It was wonderful having you here in NH! You’re welcome here anytime.
    Good luck Tylo at your new school. You’re a special young woman!


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