What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, well maybe…


Circus, Circus our digs for a couple of nights

I have to share this post and defy the saying of the title of this post, that’s because I last visited Las Vegas, this mecca of the entertainment and gambling capital of the American Dollar back in 1993 and actually won on the roulette table. This time around, much the wiser, I did not even gamble, infact, neither of us gambled, two reasons, one, we have no money to waste, and two, we have no money to waste.


straight from Miss Congeniality


just like being in Paris, not

I know, I know, but as we walked along the strip and passed all the awesome light shows, cabarets, shows, clubs, shops and bars only to be hit by yet another barrage of the same but dressed up in an Italian design of Venice this time not ancient Rome of Ceasars Palace, or the amazing water fountains of the Bellagio, famed from the Ocean’s Eleven movie, the next site being a replica of the Eiffel Tower, it dawned on me what a parody this place really is.


Venice really?


You cannot be serious coming here, the dealer always wins, even a cheap deal in the hotel has some temptations. Maybe I am grown up and have no fun left in me nowadays, I doubt it, I just find fun in less exotic ways and keep my wallet firmly clutched in my pocket, it’s like Blackpool, (my hometown) on drugs or maybe Blackpool is just a cheaper and tackier version of Vegas.


the Rialto Bridge, Venice


even the Beatles still play here

What’s with all this negativity, if you have not been, you have got to go honest, it’s just, don’t take it all so seriously. Take in the shows, don’t gamble your money, enjoy the large portions of food and the small drinks, its all a game from the moment you arrive until you can cut that umbilical cord and get out of there.



Viva Las Vegas

Hey but they do have a White Castle and that counts more than any negatives about gambling!



Caesars Palace forum indoors



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