What does US Veterans Day and a rim job have in common?


five hour straight straight drive

Backpacking around the world means that you learn how to find the best deals, the right time to purchase tickets for just about anything and in general you score more than you lose. Sometimes, it’s a good strategy to wait until the last minute to book travel or accommodation and sometimes that is just darn wrong.


beautiful and the girl is hot as well

We had scored by getting a free car for our time in Nevada only paying for insurance and petrol, so the flight across worked out cheaper and obviously quicker than the bus ride.


Even better, we got to chose the car from the remaining ones in the parking bay and immediately we realized that the Mazda with the six seats would allow us to sleep in it when at the Grand Canyon.


The five hour drive from Vegas to the south rim takes you through some awesome scenery, direct from the movies and pensively arriving at the entrance to pay the $30 admission we were pulling away high fiving each other as there was no fee on US Veterans Day. This gave us 24 hours free stay in the park, what a bonus for us.


just wow

I visited here in 1993 with my pals and we missed the views due to some technical difficulties but coming here again and with my best pal and life partner, Sharki3 we were hit by these truly amazing views. The evening sun was falling but all we could say as we walked the rim was ‘WOW’ or sometimes we would say ‘WoWW’. Sometimes, in life there are no words that can adequately describe a view, a moment or a feeling.


crazy no fear climber

As darkness drew in we headed back to our accommodation, oops I mean our car and huddled up for the night comforted by a cheap bottle of plonk. The moon shined so brightly and the trillion stars were illuminating, the likes of which we last saw in Zambia but boy it was getting cold.


legs trembling for sure

Shivering through the night and as people arrived in the early hours our car park spot by the trees assisted our few minutes of actual shut eye.


Up and out before dawn broke we were back at the rim, hiking up and down and around. I could not believe how sharki3 just lept around and bounded from one plinth to the next, with shear drops nex to her, whilst my legs were shaking as I carefully manourvered myself out for views of unparalleled beauty.


The formations, the drops, the vastness, the rugged beauty and power of the Colorado River and the millions of years of history you can see in front of you is, what’s the word ‘WOW’.


hiked out all the way to the point of a cliff



she has been leaping around on cliff edges again



feeling brave


crazy gal

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  1. ….soul travelers you are!

    Can’t wait to find some time to read through those last 16 months and what a great teaser this one was – filled with adventure (sleeping in car), wild animals (Sharki3 the leap frog aka Snow Princess) and joy (those smiles on your faces).


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