106 years waiting for a World Series title 


I have never understood this fixation the Americans have with baseball, I loved the movies like The Natural and that Kevin Costner one ??

I went to my first game in 1993 and watched the LA Dodgers play and boy it was boring then a couple of years back I watched Durham County play in North Carolina. The whole iconic stuff of an age gone by I love, but the stats just bore the hell out of me.

I had the privilege of being in New Orleans – NOLA, when the Chicago Cubs played the Cleveland Indians in the World Series, I want to say Final but that’s incorrect, it’s just World Series. Anyhow, these are the teams with the biggest losing stats in the history of the sport I believe, the Cubs had not won WS since 1908 and the Indians since 1948. They are known as the ‘biggest losers’ in baseball.

The game itself was a best of seven games and the Indians had been up 3 – 1 at one stage with the Cubs making a comeback to draw the series and making this final game the decider in Cleveland.


With beer in hand and Kris our couchsurfer host in my ear, Cajun Mike’s Pub n Grill, his local bar, I got the privilege of watching this decider. It swung one way then the other and with one

Amazingly, it swung one way, then the other and with one innings to go they were neck and neck, with both teams spurning chances. Finally, in the knockout stage of extra innings the Cubs held their nerve to make their own history. This was a game just like those great movies! I loved it.

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