Distilling our story on Bourbon Street


Asian girl pose

No trip to New Orleans would be complete without a visit to Bourbon Street, the crazy street where millions flock to at Mardi Gras. Daytime, it all seems fairly innocuous, with the bars and restaurants all reasonably quiet, until late afternoon when ‘hell’ takes over.


beads, beads, good for your heart, the more you catch, the more you watch

From 4pm onwards into the early hours, or late hours, the street is abuzz with allsorts and I truly mean allsorts, from stag parties, to hen parties, to sporting groups, old and young all sampling the crazy delights of anything goes. If you are willing to flash your boobs, in the case of women, or drop your pants in the case of men, you may get beads thrown to you in appreciation from the balconies above.


No ID = No alcohol

We did get beads but not for any flashing, just our friendly shouts that attracted enough beads to blend in with the real crazies, (honest). Our mentor and host Kris, was close at hand and only missed being with us the time we were refused a drink because we had no identification on us, sad faces turned upside down to happiness across the road when we came of age and were allowed to buy drinks with no identification. Perhaps we are just looking too young after all this travelling.



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