Huanchaco volleyball champions



We did not realise when we set off on our bike ride with David and Pabel late on Sunday afternoon, that the beach would be 13km away, along an uneven and busy road. Just over one hour later we arrived at Huanchaco, a bit saddle sore but with a gorgeous setting for beach volleyball and ultimate frisbee.



Pabel the professional / amateur rider

Now being vertically challenged myself, volleyball has never been one of my strongest sports, but with David’s group of Peruvian friends, I am almost tall, well ok above average height 🙂



I missed out on playing ultimate frisbee at The Fools in Lomba Grande, Brazil because of the weather, but this time, it was a glorious setting on Huanchaco Beach. We shall not mention my frisbee throwing skills, but it was after an hour of beach volleyball, that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.


never knew I could spike it



The ride back to town was not so much fun, with our weary bones, and sore asses, pedaling into the wind, in the dark and with little sense of direction other than to follow Pabel. Needless to say, it was a much quieter cycle ride back to Espaanglisch, but with an awesome experience and some fun with friends in the sun is always welcome.



Daniel and Sharki3 laughing cos they know we gotta ride back still

Sharki3 did enquire about putting her bike on the bus to ride home that way, I know for a fact that she said it in half jest, but she wished she had actually done that and gone with her intuition. Walking for the next couple of days was an effort for these travel weary bodies.


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