Is the correct term nudity, a naturist, being naked or in the buff? Anyhow, one for the ladies


Driving our campervan to a hot springs park after dark and seeing only one car in the car park with two young kiwi girls strolling to the springs, we were about to leave and return the following morning for a dip, fearing it was a little too dark and too cold at this late hour.

BUT…….I don’t know what changed in that plan!


We parked up and followed the path to the hot springs, some 500 metres away under a bridge, where we found two guys having a drink under the moonlight in the steaming hot fresh water.

Without a second thought, we stripped off to our swimming gear and into the hot water! Amazing feeling the days’ travel dirt and grime, simply flush off our bodies. Climbing out some 30 minutes later, we were dry instantly, neither shivering or shaking from the outside cold.


The next morning we figured that we should return to the springs and at least get a daytime photoshot of the little bridge we had bathed under. Upon arriving we discovered another hot spring a little further along, the water was enticing but we had not come prepared to bathe, so only one option…..yes, I stripped off into my nuddy pants, naked bare ass and into the wonderful hot water, how refreshing.


It just so happened that we had slept in our campervan in a car park that night and had no shower so this was pure joy. Needless to say, the photo opportunity was seized upon by sharki3 while she kept lookout for me. Moments after I was out and almost clothed, some boys turned up for a dip. Phew…spontaneity can strip you of your clothes and create almost embarrassing moments.


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