Terra Australis

Honestly, Australia was never on my list of countries to visit. But being so close and not making a turn, seemed like an aweful waste of an opportunity. And never one to waste, I tried to see it in all its glory.

My most favourite part of Oz… and BD’s

I was very excited to get there, but mostly because we were going to be in a home of friends for a change. One does get tired of hostels and the like. A big shoutout here to Mark, Anne, Tasha, Izzie, Bella and Ruby. And yes, he’s damn lucky to be surrounded by so many females. Admittedly, two of them are bitches(dogs, people!). 

The Famous four sans the dogs

The early dawn brought us smackdab into a beautiful town called Adelaide. Houses, tick. People, tick. Cars, tick. City, tick. Aborigines, ???. Desert, ???. Hold the phone!!! This is what I came for and nothing? Kangaroos and koala bears, abound and no freaking desert or aborigines. 
So I asked. Where’s the bloody desert? Excuse me…outback. A quick geography lesson and I had some direction and the logic was sound. The story of the aborigines took a few trips to the very many museums for me to understand (I’m still a little unsure, but okay).

  In the interest of expediency, let me make it simple. The native people of this land, kind of keep to themselves and live inside their communities, mainly. Not everyone of course, because this is a free country and they can live where they want and do what they want, within reason.

But, here’s my controversial spin… Many moons ago when the settlers came here the aborigines outnumbered them, of course. But a plan was hatched and they piped in a great many kinsman (convicts actually, but that’s neither here nor there), to strengthen the numbers. They had a secret weapon as well, disease and death, which these innocents had never experienced and did not have the immunity for. So the small pox, Black Plague, influenza and God knows what else, killed off a few hundred thousand Aborigines and the rest fled to get away from this curse. Hence them sticking to their kind away from the disease ridden settlers. In their defense, the settlers’, they didn’t do it on purpose. That we can prove…

But I digress and have to admit, this country is blessed with many great attributes some of which I’d like to acknowledge. The Great Ocean road from South Australia to Victoria, delivers on the promise of Great with a London bridge that has fallen down and Twelve Apostles who are slowly succumbing to a higher power! The beautiful blue lake of Mount Gambier slumbers as a less blue, but still shimmering silver lake in the volcanic crater. My favourite museum was the awesome War Shrine in Melbourne, coupled with a free city tour and historic tram ride. The spectacularly breathtaking beach trail from Coogee to Bondi beach won hands down against a walking tour of Sydney’s best sights. 

Yes, there are other places of interest too, but this is my blog and I’ll write what I want to. 

Roos on the horizon

Black Dawg enjoying the view of Port Elliot

Migration museum

Blue or Silver Lake

Trying to spot a tiny penquin or two

Quick stop for a hot drink

Need I say anything?

Bondi beautiful

Halfway between Coogee and Bondi

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