The Radisson Blu’s

After a teary goodbye at Bangkok’s airport we sadly made our way back, one minion short!


Sad to leave

And the next day was not much better, because we had no plans for our onward journey and everywhere we turned were reminders of our adventures with mini minx, aka Tylo. We passed the time checking out reclining Buddha and then decided to walk the Sukhumvit street in search of some distraction, before heading back to pack our bags for an onward journey to a yet unknown destination. 

Reclining after a long day of people watching


We didn’t find a distraction, but like an oasis in the desert the Radisson Blu hotel magically appeared. Me wondering aloud if we had enough loyalty with Carlson Club to get a discount, and wouldn’t you know that signing up to all those loyalty cards was about to pay off. We booked a last minute stay and was considerably happier packing up that night, to swop our one star for five stars. 

Thank you for a lovely stay, Radisson Blu


The Blu did not disappoint. A 23rd floor bedroom with bath, fluffy robes, king sized bed, wifi, and, and, and!  Hmmm, a piece of heaven. 

The best of course, a beautiful Blu swimming pool for the Bangkok heat. A haven for a sad heart and weary body. 

And now we could be sad in a bit of luxury…totally for free!

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  1. I remember needing some 5 star comfort every once in a while on my long trip. I appreciated 5 star soooooooo much better after hostels.


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