Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail


We have a plan for our journey around the world and the plan is reviewed and updated, less so recently. Nevertheless, we have it as our compass and sundial for where we should be and when we should be somewhere. All these years of working and being run by the clock it is an amazingly free feeling to use your time and not let time use you.

If I am late, well I am late, but will I deliver value? surely will!

If I take too long, well maybe the solution is better or I struggled, but will I deliver value? surely will!

So what is value? If I can just understand value in my life then I have mastered time…hmm too philosophical methinks.


Suffice to say, I am more spontaneous, less harsh on myself, enjoy embracing a plan that is allowed to change because it consistently delivers value, so I trust the process.

But am I managed by plans and by time, or do I use the time I have to free myself from the chains of a clock and use my time more wisely.


Chiang Khong does not have a lot going for it, a single road with some shops and for a one or two night stop over in a hostel type place on the way to a picturesque Laos or Thai view.

For some reason, both sharki3 and I are captivated. Perhaps the work we are doing at the NGO, the view of the Mekong River is great, the friends we have made at the NGO are wonderful…Thai food is well just Thai food…aroy aroy!


Perhaps I don’t need an answer and I should just let this one have some loose ends which don’t yet make sense….peace and tranquility in a notorious area for human trafficking, child abuse, migration difficulties, ecological challenges with river and wildlife abuse by human progress. No chance of being bored here!

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