One night in Bangkok

And the world’s your oyster… I don’t know if there’s anyone that goes to Bangkok and not have this refrain spinning through their heads. 

Palace grounds


It sort of raises ones expectations to that of mesmerizing moments and unforgettable memories. But then it turns out to be just a bit annoying and predictable. Drunken tourists in Khaosan street, lady boys at their “jobs” and then somebody trying to sell you a ping pong show. 

It’s not my cup of tea! Someone, not to be named here, said I’m getting old. To me it’s just more of the same and the novelty wears off after one day. 

 It’s not as bad as all that… You can shop till you drop at a multiple of malls, bazaars and markets. Or loose yourself in the mesmerizing temples and palaces all over the city. A stroll along Sukhumvit road is an interesting past time and if you’re tired just nip into one of the many massage parlors a for some much needed pummeling.

Towering Buddha


Palace gardens


Cruising along


A long boat trip along the klongs will set you back a pretty penny, but it’s so serene you can imagine yourself in a faraway paradise! That is before you are rudely awakened by another boat charging past you with some other tourists agog!

Back to the city


Selfie time

So there’s some good and bad in every place and we have to find the beauty that is sometimes well hidden under lots of tourists, vulgarity and excess. 

My good was found on the 23rd floor of the Radisson hotel…bliss! 

Free digs


Night view


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  1. ❤ I love your journey. So happy!!!


  2. Looks amazing! The boat ride looks so much fun, though I can imagine it loses a bit of the serenity with traffic!


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