Marvellous Martin


Meeting different people and understanding their cultures is one of the goals for us on our journey, but to be honest meeting Martin, has been one the most interesting characters to have come across so far.

He is the brother in law of one of our clients back in Cape Town and we were connected through our client.

From the very first moment we met he was a truly exciting and helpful guy. A South African and seasoned global traveller, one could describe him with an adjective like eccentric, but I much prefer interesting as a good fit.

Martin settled in India some years back after extended periods in Nepal and South America and as it turns out in lots of countries around the world. I told him he should write a book about his travels as his stories are captivating.

He leads a variety of projects in Auroville, employing volunteers around the world to help him with his research into topics such as the emtymology of Sanskrit or Aurvedic treatments, energy for communities to be self sustainable and the model of how Auroville works…..this is to name but a few.

Our daily trips with him to the beach for our early eve swims were great for us but also great fun for him.

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