How to fit a train in your garden without damaging the path


No computer graphics at work here, pure real life for those living in Hanoi, as the low speed train moves through the street and people just carry on with their lives, no big deal. The locals watch us with a curious smile, as we marvel and take our pose for a cool photo opportunity.


We only stayed in Hanoi for a few days and the city is pretty much a cramped city in a similar way to these photos. The Old Quarter is so cool with the small street cafes and bars dominating the landscape, motorbikes and cars squeeze past them and burst out finally into a larger main road almost like they had been holding their breath. The many tourists seated in the cafes come from all over the world using Hanoi as a stop off, start place or end point for their trips. So its pretty much a cosmopolitan feeling here and although a great start point for our time in Vietnam, I am really looking forward to exploring this culture in Da Nang when we move.



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