Japan 411

Japan is a tiny country with a lot of history. When I started to do our fake itinerary months ago for my visa, I discovered so many interesting things about this country. So much so, that I wanted this itinerary to be real. The reality was that we didn’t have enough time and not nearly enough money. 

Japan, is not the cheapest of countries to visit but every penny we spent was well worth it. We decided to do only the very important things and just relax and enjoy our family time together.    

Tsukiji fishmarket for sushi


Happy family

Tokyo city is beautiful from the Meiji Jingu park in the late afternoon sun, to the splendor of the Rainbow bridge at sunset when the lights come on. If you miss the Shibuyu crossing it’s not a big deal, but it sure is one sight to behold. What seems like an ant nest of people crossing the street in under two minutes, is quite impressive. Forget about the imperial palace on a Friday, because it’s closed in spite of the tourist book saying the opposite; we found out the hard way. So just head to the Tsukiji fish market for some awesome sushi that is dirt cheap. And on the way there, you can stop off for the obligatory shrine visit at the Sensoji temple. It’s overrun with over eager tourists but it’s beautiful and if you are a member or know someone who is, you can attend a service. 

Playing in Chinzan-so garden


Black Dawg you’ll have to make room for TJ now


Sensoji temple


BD don’t share food


Rainbow bridge


In Kyoto it’s a more tranquil setting and just two hours away from Tokyo by bullet train. You can’t swing a long tailed cat here, without hitting a shrine or a temple. It’s not worth trying to describe it, just go and visit if you have the opportunity. Take a hike on the beautiful Daimonji mountains if you have the stamina or take a bike, bus or train ride to Arashiyama. A quaint, tranquil little village, playing home to the Bamboo groves, the monkey forest and of course the Tenryuji temple.  

The art of being Zen


BD wants his own pic


Bamboo shade

Geisha spotting in the Gion area is more a case of hurry up and wait, so we just enjoyed strolling along the interesting shops and restaurants. Or just admire all the tourist girls dressed up as geisha for the day all over the city.  

Geisha copycats


We also spotted one tiny geisha on our way to the Philosophers walk…

Tiny geisha in the making

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  1. Looks lovely…some pics you can sense it’s so tranquil

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