Island of lights

Is it a city, is it a country or is it just an island with a history fraught with power struggles and wars for ownership. 

Hong Kong is famous for just about nothing, in my opinion, except that people have a lot of money and make a lot of money there! Like the Kardashians, I guess it’s just famous for being famous and thus attracts more fame and money. Thousands of tourists flock here attracted by the bells and whistles. It’s definitely a sight worth seeing, but just another big city with too many people.

Many moons ago the Brits wrestled it from China during the Opium wars. Now it’s back under China’s ownership, yet it strangely isn’t?

It’s weirdly upsetting seeing the thousands of lights on the island, possibly visible from space, when so many countries are using energy sustainably. I’m not judging being one of the many awe stuck tourists, agog at the spectacle of Hong Kong island. Just saying… 

Crossing from Kowloon to HK island


So what did I enjoy while in Hong Kong? Meeting the olds for a New Years celebration far from home. Trekking through the streets of Kowloon eating street food. Visiting the history museum for a bit of Hong Kong past and present. 

Day out and taking a break


Tickets for the MTR

Taking a hike up to Victoria Peak and meeting awesome travellers, Maya and Josh. ..and seeing the firework spectacle at midnight on New Years!     

I guess I could’ve been anywhere in the world to do this, but it was Hong Kong. 


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