A View to a Kill


Maya & Josh our hiking pals from LA, California

New Years Day 2016 and we decided to hike up to The Peak as its called, overlooking HK.

The route was meant to be just about an hour as opposed to waiting in the queue for the tram ticket for an hour and the 10 minute ride up the mountainside.

We arrived at the lower tram station only to see the crowds of people waiting patiently for a ticket. Three hours was the queuing time!

Figuring out the route up was not so easy and I got chatting to a young American couple Josh and Maya who were not aware of the hiking route but wanted to join us.

So off we trekked, just heading upwards which seemed like the logical direction, how wrong could we be if we head upwards, right? 

Josh a surfer studying English and Maya a law student wanted to be off the beaten track away from crowds which suited our plan. Both living in the west side of Los Angeles traveling through to Vietnam they were a fun and chatty pair to share our gentle hike up the mountain.

Up top the views are fabulous with skyscrapers soaring upwards, yet all below our eyeline while across the water, Kowloon buildings majestically gathered in bunches rival HK Island for the stunning landscape.


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  1. For sure … Amazing view and worth the 3 hour wait!😳


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