Thank heaven for little girls

I have so many in my life and they love with wild abandon and share hugs and kisses unconditionally. Some I’ve known and loved from birth and some met along the way. They are the cutest little things and I just want to hug them and smush their faces… But I won’t!  


Some that was left behind

 I’ve met so many more of them and they all manage to sneak in and steal a bit of my heart. These new miniatures were part of the after school program where we went to do fun learning activities while in Pondicherry. The kids come to do homework after a long school day, but it is also important for them to have fun and learn life skills in an environment that stimulates them. We have two sessions in the evening to do “kid sitting”.  

Some dancing with the girls


Zoë, Nashanti and Ashika

I seem to be the one who’s learning the most! The four little ones from the second session Anisha, Ashika, Nashanti and Sumita teach me a few moves from their Indian dance routine. And in return I have to show them some dance moves of my own. I teach them the hokey pokey. Not a fair exchange, but we all had a good time. A few nights later I brought my secret weapon, Zoë, who was an acrobat in school. They really enjoyed the “dangerous” tricks! 


Nashanti the acrobat

The bigger group from the first session is energetic and everyone wants to sit next to Miss. There’s too many of them for me to remember all the names, but little Latika says goodbye one evening by pinching my cheeks and kissing her fingers. I later find out this is a way of showing affection. The following night I leave with red cheeks, because no one wants to miss a chance to show their affection to Miss. 


cramming close to Miss, Latika in the front

And let me not forget about 3 little monkey nuts, Cara, Chetty and Leila who I had to chase down the beach, because they didn’t want to leave. Then they decided to strip down because their cozzies were full of sand😳. What a mission to get those cozzies back on, but so much hilarity!

Sugar and spice and everything nice…that’s what girls are made of.


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