Minority report

I’ve always been used to being a minority. I was after all born as a coloured female South African. Then went to study engineering; minority again. My first, second and third job I was the minority. So coming to India and living in a commune with only men, is par for the course. This time of course, I had my posse(Fin) in tow but nonetheless still minority. I’ve heard the stories of rape, molestation, intimidation, etc. Atrocities committed against women here, by men in their communities. I’m not stupid, but I’m also a cape coloured who takes no shit from no mans (insert attitude here), so I wasn’t really apprehensive. But it was inspiring and encouraging, to meet and engage with so many young men who have respect and admiration for a woman. So they could’ve been scared of Paul, admittedly, but some seemed genuinely cautious of me! Again, I’m not surprised coz I have that effect on most men. 😁

But jokes aside, these twenty somethings never felt the need to inappropriately stare at me or my mosquito bitten legs in the tiny sleep shorts. And don’t judge my shorts, it’s freakin hot here! Or invade my private space, as some strange guys have done on the street. Always polite and a bit of advice for all the bites. Always a greeting and suggestions on what to see and do. Always a smile and genuine interest in sharing their lives and stories.
Thank you guys; Natesa, Aravindh, Midhun, Ajay and the doctor, who’s name I’ve either forgotten or never asked for. I hope you achieve all your dreams and that one day when you’re my age(35 😜) you’ll get to travel and meet fabulous people like I have done. You are an example not only to men of India, but all nations.

Dream big and fly high; you were born to make manifest this life you’ve been given.


Ajay trying to be serious with clowns around


Punishing Midhun for calling me old


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  1. Nicely put you ape coloured


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