All my children

I gave birth to one in Cape Town, my little Botticelli, Tylo aka TJ. 

 I miss her most days a lot and other days unbearably much! So I adopted one in Tanzania, Janeth, my little shrub! I miss her too and sometimes I can reach her quicker than I can TJ but they are both busy students so I take what I can get. 
And of course, staying on course with my mothering addiction, I’ve added two more. Zoë, my little acrobat, is from Germany, travelling all on her own seeing the big bad world and just in from a trip to South Africa. And baby boy Aman, my little nudist, is India born, but lives in the USA part time. The rest of the time he travels or frolicks naked in the sea! 


Zoë and Aman

These kids are so sweet and I can understand, why people have so many children! 

The saddest part is leaving them behind when we move on. I know I will definitely see one of them, but I hope to see all of them sometime in the future. 

Keep in touch little ones!

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  1. love you lots M xxxxxxx


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