Best kept secret in the world

Auroville, Pondicherry is a place where every human can come in search of their divine consciousness and to help progress towards human unity. Thanks to having the right contacts, we were lucky enough to discover this inspiring community development. This is the vision of the Mother and her spiritual companion Sri Aurobindo, after whom she named the town.It’s a great aspiration that the town of Auroville has and the long and short is that humanity should not have money and all its trappings, as their highest priority. 

We were lucky enough to have a friend take us around and show us some of the inner workings of the town. This meant we found a really nice little guesthouse, Sharnga, in the forest to take a break from the big city of Pondicherry. We also loved swimming at Sri Ma beach where, some of us felt brave enough to go in the nude. After sunset of course.


Evening swim time

  The Matrimandir is the place of silent individual concentration where people go to meditate. A singular ray of sunshine reflects on a crystal orb in the middle of the inner chamber to light up the room. No sun, no light. You can’t take anything in there but the clothes on your back and you only have your own thoughts to disturb you. 

I found it kind of spooky(also awesome), but then I haven’t reached my higher consciousness and my thoughts haven’t learned to behave themselves yet. 

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