Karibu Ilboru

Our home away from home is with a lovely family who lives in Ilboru village in the shadow of mount Meru, second highest to Kilimanjaro. 

Our Maasai family

Mama Kisiri is matriarch, trying to sharpen her english. Papa is away leading a hunting safari. The house is adorned with trophies of buffalo, cheetah and other ones I don’t know. 
James is the man of the house and an avid organic farmer. He won’t let me close to his farm for fear of imminent, inexplicable death to his crops. Janet his younger sister is on vacation from Dar uni where she studies as psychologist. She has many dreams of one day traveling
the world. Her skills also stretches to taming this mop of hair that started resembling a bramble bush. Big ups for avo and coconut oil mixture.  

Janet applying her hair crack to my mop


And then there’s Faraja who is the cousin of three years old and is raised as baby brother to the kids. A little mischievous ball of fire who has to be threatened before he eats every meal.  

Faraja ready to spray the crops or playing


Then lastly, Kiduku, the cat who rules the whole place. He eats with the family in his own plate and comes to ask for seconds at the table. If you don’t feed him he’ll scratch you 😳 I keep Black Dawg at a safe distance from him most of the time, but he’s ventured into close proximity to this domestic jungle cat! 

Black Dawg making friends with Kiduku


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