Fly in the ointment 

Life is not a challenge until you find people who challenge you; in the worst possible way!!! All their conversations start with “I”, they’ve always been “there” or have “a friend” and they grate you in a nails-across-a-blackboard, rip-your-own-arm-off-to-stop-yourself-from-killing-them-with-it, sort of way😁

Well, after weeks of only meeting fabulously interesting people, we’ve met our challenge. Without wasting any more emotion on this blog let me just say, if I never meet another arrogant, ill-mannered, bombastic, self-obsessed, disrespectful, racist Dutch cretin again, it will be too soon. And if there’s a next time, I will definitely punch him!😤 Repeatedly…

I have another week of being in his company, so who wants to take bets on whether I can restrain myself for that long! 😳 Woooosaaaaa….

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  1. Hey, you gotta cool it, honey! Don’t let the so-and-so get to you. Keep smiling through it. xxx

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  2. Close your eyes .. Breath in , breath out .. Slowly count to 100 .. Open one eye slowly . Check to see if the a… Still there.. Gone !!! Hooray and still alive too .. Good girl !! Lots of love coming your way x x x

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