A Maasai Emperor and Nigerian Businessman


There is nothing like meeting a flamboyant Maasai Warrior in Tanzania, who speaks 5 languages, born in France, lived in Egypt, studied Political Science in USA and lives in China. But how dare I categorise our friend Michael.

Vibrant, enthusiastic, strong willed, knowledgeable, egotistical, fashionista, exciting, entrepreneurial, spirited could be used to describe this man but I am not going to use these. What’s the point in boxing a 23 year old guy into this type of definition, he would just break out and prove me wrong on purpose.

Nevertheless, spending time with Michael in Arusha was an unexpected delight at our volunteering homestay, where we were teaching together at a local school. There was definitely lots of laughter especially at the impromptu catwalk modeling show.

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  1. Interesting character…


  2. Wow! Sounds a very interesting guy!


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