Sinza-Tuck tuck capital

Sinza is a little neighbourhood fifteen minutes outside of Dar city. This is our rest for the last night in Dar due to its location to the bus station. 

Our taxi driver didn’t even know the location and I had to direct him using my gps. The closer we got to the gps location, the worst the neighbourhood became. Off the main drag, down an alleyway and into a clearing stands Lantana hotel,  totally out of place. It’s new and modern and doesn’t fit into the area at all. Relieve washed over me. Possibly our last luxury before village life. 

Main drag in Sinza

For me and Fin it’s another place to explore and off we went after a good shower. Fin attracts all the attention with his pale skin as we walk along the main road. Dodging tuck tucks and motorcycles is an extreme sport as pedestrians don’t have any right of way, not even on the side walk. 

Living on the edge

We decide to live a little dangerously and flag down a tuck tuck on our way back. I think he was careful of getting the foreigners hurt because he didn’t even use the sidewalk once 😳. Not cool!!!


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