A chance meeting

So we nearly miss the boat because of dawdling behavior and a ticket issuing system that makes you want to swim to the mainland. 


Black Dawg picking out a postcard

Okay, the long story is we went in search of a post card and then a post office and because we booked online we still had to get the ticket issued at the office; the location of said office was a mistery to us. Backpacks loaded, sun at melanoma temperature and we wait in a queue stretching round the island but no one moves. The lesson here is to get your tickets the day before; and ask nicely for people to let you in front, if you are too busy exploring to do important things like get a ferry ticket. 

But I digress… We get on the ferry by the skin of our sunburnt hides and off we jet. 

Just before disembarking we meet our newly made friend Linda with the little ones. She is in heaven because she was stressing about getting the luggage and kids safely to the hotel. She was praying for divine intervention and willing us to appear, which we unceremoniously did coz that’s how we roll! Needless to say she was relieved to see us. Here’s a tip, don’t travel on the ferry with kids alone. It’s a nightmare at the luggage collection!!! Me and Lexie nearly got squashed by a wayward luggage trolley. 😳


Lexie is not happy about that near miss

We bungled everyone in a taxi after ace negotiations from Sharki3 and off to our digs. CJ is over the moon because he gets to see his Zanzibar friends again and Linda is just happy for an extra pair of hands or two. 

All’s well that ends well. Hopefully we’ll see Linda in Mombasa next and totally on purpose 👍🏽👏🏼

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