Kwa heri! Zanzibar 

Last day on the island was spent wandering the strange maze of little streets where vendors try and entice you with their goods sold at ridiculous prices. Nonetheless, we had a good time staying in the heart of Stone Town with one of the locals. He makes a living selling his paintings and renting his rooms for 20000 tsh a night. 

View from Rumzi street

Stone Town is in serious need of a facelift, but doing that would mean losing some of the history. The beach front is definitely worth a visit for drinking cocktails at sunset. Wait for happy hour or just have one drink. Food is good and not pricey if you go local.


Sunsetting over the Indian Ocean

 We didn’t spend nearly enough time in Stone Town. A day of whirlwind visits to the Old Fort, where they used to sell the slaves; the dispensary which started being built as a hospital; the National museum, which is very dilapidated and sad; eating a light affordable lunch on the rooftop of an unassuming little hotel and walking slowly down the beachfront as the sun inched its way down over the horizon before a well deserved drink to finally watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean.


Finny enjoying the sunsetting in my eyes

I think we may have to come back here someday.

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  1. Looks so laid back…relaxing…


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