Livingstone Backpackers

Along a gravel road parallel to the main road in Livingstone Town about 10 minutes walk from the bus station lies Livingstone Backpackers. A  cosy retreat with multi-coloured sunbeds, lounging areas all outdoors complete with sun tables.

Kitchen has basic amenities, just label your food and drinks and word of caution don’t take alcohol onsite as they have a bar, well we had our own wine but could hardly ask to borrow a cork screw…so we made a plan😜  

They have a decent 100sqm camp site if camping strikes your fancy under the shadows of the moonlit sky and the drying underwear on the wash line😜

Washrooms and toilets are practical and clean but I guess it all depends on your speed and use. But be quick the damn mozzies are lying in wait like a group of trained snipers, picking their prey with ease……zzzz

Free shuttle service to Vic Falls at 10:30 every day.

Rooms 7/10

Wifi 5/10 only certain areas

Facilities 6/10

Atmosphere 8/10

Proximity 9/10

Sharki3 & Fin Overall rating 8/10

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  1. Looks homely😀


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