Death with no corpse

We were invited to attend a funeral at a nearby village of an old school teacher. Entering the village was like being put upon show at some festival as everyone looked curiously at the strangers. Even more strange for us was after we greeted almost everyone in turn we were asked to take photos of the mourners in their house. I guess it’s unfortunate for this post but no gory photos of a body as the corpse was still in Mazabuka town and would not arrive until the following morning. 

The local headman was delighted to lead us meet everyone and show us the grave that was dug out. The village is basically surrounded by graves from deceased villagers  for many years and it’s custom for them to remain close virtually underfoot.

Doglas making friends with the locals.

Manon, Nikole and sharki3 sharing a moment with the dancing man. The girls had to wear wrap around a out of respect and fetch water from a nearby well. 

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  1. Sharkie blends in well…looks tribal almost. Paul you have a beard😳


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