Braille Teaching

Doglas and Benford doing some last minute cramming.

Not ideal classroom by any stretch of the imagination.

Dalitso flying ahead, clever one that one, whilst sharki3 spends some one on one time with Sililo.

Now I know how truly hard the process is of teaching children who are using Braille boards and whose first language is not English, added to this I cannot read Braille. In the kids revision for Social Development Studies Exam I spent 3 long hours teaching and spelling every word for their Braille notes….kids loved it and interacted well, note to self Learn Braille letters and numbers….these kids are not afraid of much, except maybe failing an exam…..

Soka hard at it in the sunshine all alone.

Jane and Obvious struggling through SDS revision.

Manon and Sharki3 with Odea, Enya and gang. The girls want to visit us in 5 years time when they have finished school!

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