Finding others

Among the selfish frivolity of traveling lies the crux, finding others. Others doing the same, others passing through, but most importantly others in need. 

Everyday we live in and around needy communities, but so far that we seldom see their desperation and tenuous hold on daily survival. So here we are, in a place where the desperation is staring you right in the face with big pretty round eyes.


Charles and madame Claudia

But sympathy isn’t what they need.  Not these ones staring at you with so much depth and lots to give of themselves. They ask for nothing, but we know they crave what we take for granted; to learn, be respected and accepted and not be judged by their disabilities. 

A lesson in leadership


We volunteer not to unselfishly give, but to selfishly learn from others, no matter their race, religion, status or physical abilities. For our efforts we get to understand, learn to tolerate, share of ourselves, commune on a primal level and also enjoy the beauty of an untarnished night sky. 

The nights here are actually quiet like they are supposed to be and mornings smell like a new beginning, full of promise. But midday is sticky from an overeager sun and you can practically feel the melanoma growing on your skin, so hat and sunscreen at the ready at all times. 

SPF 40 will do


This is Africa, if the sun doesn’t get you the mosquitoes will.😳 

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  1. Hi Folks. So interesting, informative and also very touching. Thanx. xxx


  2. It’s so heartfelt to give so little and receive so much more . Keep up the good work Guys but most of all ENJOY !!!x x x


  3. okay, managed at last to try and catch up on your blogs. Very very heartwarming ! Enjoy and be blessed xx


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