Malaikha School for Blind Children 

Our baptism of fire came with our first volunteering exploits in Zambia. Located a mere 30km from Mazabuka Town and a further 8km down a dirt road Near to Munenga Village, we joined 4 other young volunteers at Malaikha School for Blind Children.

About 20 kids in total and my vague number is due to my inability to keep count of who is actually meant to be in school and who is just a resident on the premises and that depends on who you ask and from day to day. Anyhow the kids range from 4-18 years old, some with low vision and some totally blind, some with additional pyschological problems. They live in dorms on the premises where they are looked after by housekeepers for their meals etc. staff live on the premises.

We found some digs in a house next door to Mr Makala the Headteacher, nicknamed DJ Makala due to his loud music late at night and from 4am. He is blind and had 4 young children. It only took me 3 nights with little sleep to request the music to be turned down.

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  1. It sounds as though you are having some unique experiences in so very many ways. Love the great pics as well as the info ! Love xxx


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