Chief Mlamba

I went on the 5km walk from Malaikha to visit the Chief of this chiefdom area. No one told me that the 5km walk would be done in 45 mins through the barren terrain in scorching heat and I had to follow the blind as they moved at such a pace and without deviating from an obviously well known route.

Unfortunately the chief was out so we met 3 of his 5 wives and none of his 70 children. I wonder what he was up to then? I am sure it was important and exciting. Anyhow we exchanged our cultural stories between us all and Tabitha the number 3 wife was very intrigued by the news that men and women can marry same sex and even have sex changes, not easy to explain when customs are so different.

Charles the small boy in the picture is not visually impaired but came with us told me the chief is his grandfather but he’s not quite certain which of the wives is his grandmother…

Another 5km back but this time I was almost running just to keep up…..needless to say I slept fine that night.

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