Livingstone, oh Livingstone…


Livingstone. immortalised

Livingstone, another colonizer who thought it appropriate to name something that already had a name. Victoria falls, after his beloved queen. The cheek! For those Livingstone hangers on, I know he was supposedly a good guy, but still. Learn the word, don’t rename the damn thing! It’s correct name is Mosi-oa-tunya, the smoke that thunders. Much more fitting for the vision that is the falls.


All three in the picture


Black Dawg getting misted by Mosi-oa-tunya

If you have $190 to spare, I didn’t, then you can get a boat to the Devil’s pool which is on the falls and swim in the Zambezi waters before it drops over the cliff. If you don’t, go into the park and some locals there will walk you over the river to the Angels pool, for a small tip. You can risk it on your own if you want to, but should probably go with someone who knows the way.


Mighty Zambezi


Just before the drop

If you have total use of all your limbs then definitely take the long steep walk down to the boiling pot! Watch out for the playful baboons and keep your distance. Over and on some jagged, slippery rocks and sidestepping some dashing lizards will get you right down to the waters edge to wet your feet in the Zambezi.


But first let me take a selfie…


Boiling pot family

Livingstone town has a lot to offer in terms of activities that will keep you busy for days and probably bankrupt you if you don’t earn dollars. Everything is quoted in dollars, even the falls is $20, but half for locals. My tip pretend you’re a local…

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  1. Lovely! Mother Nature at its bestest! So glad you could experience that. Hope we can too one day… Even though B already had.


  2. hi folks. Great to hear from you again. Enjoy!


    • Hi mum, our connection to the outside world is sporadic on a good day, drains our batteries on every device just finding 3G. Having an amazing experience here at Malaikha in many respects. X


  3. Sounds a pretty dire little town. Chin up. If its so bad everywhere else has got to be an improvement! Lotsa love to both from both.


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